Last Minute Update


I’ve been so short on time that I haven’t been able to post. I have just a few minutes now, but I wanted to keep you all up to date on the latest developments.

First of all, I got the job! I start my new position as Child Advocate for a Women’s Crisis Center on May 4th. I’m very excited and I know I will be challenged. It’s a new town for me so just finding my way around will be hysterical all by itself.
I’ve given notice at my present job. I have mixed feelings about that of course. I enjoy the staff and individuals I work with. And saying good-bye is always difficult.

On the up side I’ve decided to keep my apartment here for the time being. Chuck made a generous offer to let me stay at his place during the days I work there, and I can come back and have weekends here with my family. It will help us all make this transition.

Second on the list is that Chuck got an email from his doctor’s office that he will be scheduled for a couple further diagnostic tests. It doesn’t seem to be a panic, so I feel relieved about that.

He also has a birthday coming up, so I’ve decided to have a birthday party for him. (After some detective work, I learned that he hasn’t had one on a while.. party that is.) So what better way to celebrate his special day and have a chance to entertain as a couple. We brain-stormed a couple of ideas and have settled on one. So if you’re reading this… you’re invited. Just message me for the details.

Okay.. that’s it for now.


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Update

  1. Love the way your life is moving forward and applaud your courage in taking these steps….love you Jeannie ❤ xXx

  2. It looks as if life is treating you better these days. Couldn’t be happier for you, Jeannie. I can’t wish enough success on the new job. Big Hugs. xoxox
    blessings ~ maxi

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