It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog that I decided that I am due for a big change of focus.

This blog was initially a transcript of becoming a single middle-aged woman venturing into online dating.  Yup.. it was full of adventure, some intrigue and lots of hopefulness.  Yes, a bit of heart break too.  Now, finally, after five years of on-line dating antics… I’m no longer single and looking.

I’ve found that special someone.  We have achieved our six month dating anniversary and are looking toward the future, …together.

For those of you who have bravely endured this entire process, ‘Eat, Pray, Love Guy’ aka Chuck and I, aka ‘That Iowa Woman’ as he so fondly teases me; have found a bit of that special something that has shined a glorious warm light upon both of us.  We have found that life together is better in every way than the lives we were living on our own.  That said, he’s a pretty darn awesome guy.

As for this blog…  I’ve missed writing.  I’ve missed the amazing connections and friendships that blogging brought into my life.  An unexpected but very welcome side effect of writing on WordPress.

Then there is the writing itself.  Chuck and I both write.. and neither of us has done much of it since we met, even though it was an initial draw in our meeting.  Writing and learning was my purpose in blogging.  Learning to write daily, finding things to write about.  Making the investment of time and thought for something with a higher purpose.

Chuck has this unnerving habit of wanting to read the last page of the story.  He wants to see how it all turns out.  Trouble is, it hasn’t been written yet.  So you and Chuck will have to stay tuned.  1Smiles ~ Life At The Lodge is the next chapter of the story.


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