Excellant blog! It can be difficult to let go of what was. But it is a necessary step to finding out what is yet to come.

Fortuitous Forty!!!

The blog entry that I share below was written for another blog of mine over five years ago.  As I was reviewing this blog, I found it and felt that it was worth sharing – so here it is!

Unlocking the Future…

by throwing away keys to the past…

May 29, 2007

In the midst of all the craziness of this time in life, I have found moments of great reflection. I am currently packing up my office, filled with great memories from my first two years in my position with this school. The office signifies everything from helping scores of students, family and staff members, to freedom from a marriage that was full of so many disappointments for me. I am packing up the office, as the school is relocating to a larger facility about 15 km north of our current campus. It is a time of new beginnings.

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Summer of the Wasp – Guest Blog by Hunter Benson

The Thread Waisted Wasp (Ammophila is the scientific name) lives all over the United States.  They live in homes called burrows or nests.  Sometimes they make their homes underground or in trees or other undisturbed places like sheds.  To identify this insect their colors are black, orange, red or gray.  They eat flower nectar or other small insects that they grab and take into their burrow to eat.  They lay nests of eggs in their burrows.

Los Angeles Wasp Control says that even though wasps are harmful to humans they are helpful to the environment.  They help to pollinate many plants and that helps the plants to grow and be healthy.  Wasps also eat other pest insects that destroy crops.

One way that wasps are harmful is that they feed on or sting living things like people.  One wasp can sting many times.  This summer I was fishing by the river in Wisconsin and I was stung by wasps.  I had four sting welts in my left arm.

My mom also got stung by a wasp and the stinger got stuck in the welt.  This made the welt keep itching.